Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Multiple Benefits of Cold EI – Leading the Way to the Future of GC-MS

Aviv Amirav, Alexander B. Fialkov and Tal Alon, Tel Aviv University and Aviv Analytical. 

GC-MS is characterized by many performance aspects and most of them are not mentioned or discussed by the GC-MS vendors and/or by any user's paper. The purpose of this paper is to list 72 such performance parameters and discuss how Cold EI improves the vast majority of them. GC-MS with Cold EI is based on a GC and MS interface with a Supersonic Molecular Beam (SMB) and on electron ionization of sample compounds while they are vibrationally cold in the SMB (thus named Cold EI) in a contact-free fly-through ion source.

Cold EI Improves all the central GC-MS performance aspects, including: identification, mass spectral information, range of compounds that are amenable for analysis, sensitivity (detection limits), speed of analysis, and response uniformity.

Eight categories of GC-MS performances are listed below and in each of them we have several sub categories (given in the number in bracket):    
  1. Improved sample identification (13).
  2. Extending the range of compounds amenable for GC-MS analysis (3).
  3. Speed – faster GC-MS analysis (9).
  4. Sensitivity (12).
  5. Uniform, compound independent ion source response, quantitation and reproducibility (4).
  6. Improved compatibility with GC-MS enhancement technologies (11).
  7. Improved GC-MS maintenance, flexibility, ease of use and price (15).
  8. Improved utilization of mass analyzer specifications (5).  
Quoting Aristotle "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", this combination of so many improvements (>60) creates a new and qualitatively superior technology that actually improves every type of analysis. While GC-MS with Cold EI enables new type of analyses and significantly improves challenging analyses, it does not impede on any simple method of analysis (compared with standard EI). Consequently, GC-MS with Cold EI is leading the way to the future of GC-MS. 

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